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Awakening” boldly investigates the steps that heroic people everywhere are taking to meet the effects of the current economic and social crisis in daily life. These dynamic role models are feeding the homeless, retrieving parents from nursing homes, growing their own food, creating community, radically forgiving, and discovering the miraculous. The Western American author Louis Lamour has said that “There will come a time when you think that everything is ending. But that will be the beginning.” “Awakening” is about that planetary beginning.

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Interviews with three wonderful and insightful family care-givers taking care of aging parents at home.

“Affordable Quality Care for Mom ”
An interview with Suzanne Shaw
Part 1

Suzanne Shaw of Danville, Indiana, is a gifted medical intuitive and intuitive life-coach who is a self-employed single woman, and an only child, who moved from Colorado to a small rural community to care for her eighty-seven-year-old widowed mother, Kathleen.

Topics: Demands on the caregiver * Local senior centers * Federal and state agency resources * Free services * Respite care * Groceries * Cleaning * State Council on Aging * Military benefits through USAA * AARP help * Meals: Seattle Sutton; Meals on Wheels; Jenny Craig; Hospital Dietitian; Cook-ahead meals; Freeze extras; Soups; Health food store frozen dinners * Legal help: you MUST have a great lawyer * The Living Will * The Will * Power of Attorney * Medical Power of Attorney * Carry all medical papers to all appointments. * Use only bonded and insured services. * Have credit card info on file at the pharmacy. * Insurance * Six floods in five years (no backwater insurance). $30,000 damage bill vs. $40.00. * Earthquake insurance * Listen to Part 1 Affordable Quality Care for Mom

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 29:45
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“Affordable Quality Care for Mom”
An interview with Suzanne Shaw
Part 2

Topics: Bathroom organization * Appliances * Safety bars and rails * Widen the doors or not * Raised toilet seat * Shower bench * Ramps * Chair lift * Battery-backed stair-lift * Lift-bed * Walker beside the bed * Three-wheel walker with seat and basket * Stand-up lift chair *Mobility scooters * Lifeline necklace * Cell-phone address book numbers or address book numbers to carry: doctors; insurance contacts; hospital; Senior Center * neighbors *  pastor/ priest/rabbi; religious affiliations; chaplain; hotlines; ambulance; retirement center * family members * animal vet * kennel * best friends and support groups.                                     Listen to Part 2 Affordable Quality Care for Mom

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 28:30
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“Mom (88 years old) To Alaska”
an interview with Jane Trainor, Fairbanks, AK

Jane TrainorJane Trainor is a long-time Fairbanks resident, who is a healer, colonic therapist and humanitarian. She moved her mother into her home from the East Coast after mother Marcia's short stay in a nursing home. Her mother was in very poor physical and mental condition when she arrived in Alaska. Jane set up a program of nutrition, physical, mental and social improvement for her mother. With the help of her family and community resources her mother has come "back to life." 

Topics: Trapping and Fishing in the Alaskan Bush * Moving to Fairbanks * The Deal: Rehabilitating Marcia * Dependable Daily Schedule * Supplements for Strength and Clarity * Marcia Walks andSocializes in the Community * Foundation of Daily Spirituality * The Adult Day Care Center * Strict Routine is Essential * Keeping Jane’s Mood Up * The Private World of Dementia * Avoiding Care-giver Burn-out * Researching Financial Assistance * Getting Support * Marcia’s Eventful Early Life * Marcia’s Tears of Gratitude * Insights and Blessings *
Reverence for Elders * Athabaskan Tribal Values * Marcia’s Newly-Restored Capacities * Creating a Quality Life * Importance of Support/Water/Diet/Exercise * Taking Marcia to Church * Reversal of Some Aspects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.                                     Listen to Caring for Mom in Alaska

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 31:55
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“Mom, My Menagerie and Me ”
an interview with Ms Rosemary Strauss, Dry Ridge, KY

Topics: How to interact as a parent-advocate with medical staff o Mom’s tasks and responsibilities o The importance of exercise, reading and socializing o Parents in nursing homes – what to look for o Identifying the three stages of bed sores o A caregiver's personal renewal o Gratitude List; Caring for Mother story; Importance of touch o Poison for mother-in-law o How to massage the hands o Self-renewal routines for caregivers o Consider your mood, words and attitudes.                                     Listen to Mom, My Menagerie and Me

Copyright 2008, Connie B. Shaw Length: 27:58
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