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The "Forgiveness Hike to Wild Basin"
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The "Temple of Great Initiations"



Rabbi David's Gift


Forgiveness Hike to Wild Basin

Connie B. Shaw, Copyright 2014

This ten-minute guided meditation (here) is an inspirational process to clear Past Grievances.

Crystal Temple Meditation

Connie B. Shaw, Copyright 2014

This seventeen-minute guided meditation (here) The Crystal Temple Guided Meditation is a forgiveness process for letting go of grievances in order to move forward in fulfilling your life purpose. It is designed to uplift your energy, release you from the past, and to allow you to feel the empowerment and the loving energies of Beloved Mother Mary, Beloved Kwan Yin, and Beloved Portia, consort of Saint Germain.

Temple of Great Intitiations Meditation, Luxor, Egypt"

Connie B. Shaw, Copyright 2014

This seventeen-minute guided meditation (here) has been prepared as an inspirational empowerment for Light-workers everywhere who wish to remind themselves of the Cosmic Principles and Eternal Values (Sanathana Dharma) that sustain life on earth. Very briefly, some of them are that:

  • We are all divine and we live forever.
  • As divine, immortal beings, we are the embodiments of truth, peace, love, righteousness and non-violence.
  • When we are in alignment with the Father/Mother (Atma/Spirit) within us, we are natural conduits for God’s grace, blessings and miracles.
  • Those miracles act as grace and blessing, and reversals of misfortune for those who suffer, due to out-workings of their unconscious thoughts, words and deeds - which have created, in materium - loss, sickness, imbalances, accidents and injuries.
  • We can, through divine intent, guided by Spirit, heal the sick, solve problems, remove obstacles, feed the hungry from meager supply, and resurrect the deceased, with a touch and with our voices.
  • Each of us has at least one Sponsor, or Ascended Master or Saint, Who is guiding, guarding and inspiring our lives in order to assist us to fulfill our life purpose or sacred vows that we made before we entered our current embodiments.
  • God hears our prayers and His grace is received more quickly and continually the more we think of Him through prayer, inner conversation, spiritual studies, chanting His Name, selfless service and meditation.
  • An Ascended Master is Someone Who has fully and finally awakened to Their True Nature and Who has balanced more than 51% of Their karma, thus enabling Them to graduate from the continual karmic return to Earth School. Thereby, They are able to serve as God’s Helpers in assisting unascended souls to eventually attain their Ascension until the time when every last human has attained their Ascension or Graduation and has joined the Ascended Master Brotherhood of Light, no longer bound to Earth.
  • Some few examples of well-known Ascended Masters from East and West are Rama; Krishna; Kwan Yin; Pallas Athena; Gautama Buddha; Moses; Jesus; His Mother, Mary; The Three Wise Men, now known as El Morya, Djwal Kuhl and Kuthumi (St. Francis of Assisi); Saint Germain; Beloved Portia; St. Ignatius of Loyola; St. Anthony of Padua; Paul the Venetian; Master Hilarion (St. Paul); Mother Theresa; Yogananda; Babaji of the Himalayas; Sri Aurobindo; Mira Alfassa/Mother of Pondicherry; Avatar Shirdi Sai Baba; and Avatar Sathya Sai Baba.

All of the fore-going Masters of Light have been seen by various audiences during Quantum Gazing in many venues, more than once or twice, since 2011, both on Skype and in person. All credit goes to Them and to our Beloved Creator for any and all clearings, remissions and miracles.

This inspirational guided meditation is intended to be an energetic renewal and to remind us that Maya or Illusion can cause us to forget our True Nature, our life purpose and how to respond with focus, love, discernment and detachment to each provocation that comes our way. As we call the Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit into play on a regular basis, we will be demonstrating our innate divinity as radiant blessings to those whom we encounter. Every moment we are faced with the choice to focus on the positive and the beautiful or the negative and the disabling aspects of the Dream.

We wish herein to give credit to Melissa Joy Jonnson, of Matrix Energetics fame, and mentor to thousands, for her healing codes that we cited in the guided meditation. Thank you, dearest Melissa! The voices in the guided meditation are those of myself, Connie Shaw, for narration and for the role of Beloved Jesus; Molly Isackson for the role of Beloved Serapis Bey; and Jim Wright for the role of Beloved Morya.

Rabbi David's Gift

Connie B. Shaw, Copyright 2014

This short inspirational story told by Connie (here) contains a tip for increasing self-awareness and improving relationships.

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